Health and Safety Policy

With our Health and Safety Policy we intend to protect the safety and healthy work environment for our people. To achieve that we acknowledge the need and do communicate Health and Safety Policy and procedures to all parties, comply with all the applicable health and safety laws, regulations and statutory obligations, maintain and monitor health and safety performance by a comprehensive compliance program including audits, provide adequate training and resources to our people, provide health and safety risk management systems and procedures that are relevant to the nature and work undertaken.

We set objectives, measure progress and communicate results to achieve continuous improvement in Health and Safety performance.

Drugs & Alcohol Policy

We are committed to maintaining a drug and alcohol free work environment to avoid any threat to workplace safety and security. Therefore, we strictly prohibit the use, sale, transfer or possession of illegal drugs or controlled substances anywhere on the Company premises or within its vehicles, routinely observe our employees for behaviors which would indicate a drug or alcohol problem at work and implement proactive preventive measures before this behavior results in harm to the employee or colleagues.

Environmental Policy

We recognize the importance of the environment protection and are highly committed to prevent the environmental damage. KBOC people are well aware of the Environmental Policy and Procedures as well as of their responsibilities in relation to the environmental practices compliance. We periodically review and revise our Environmental Policy and procedures which are developed in compliance with ISO14001 requirements to keep it relevant and do strive to eliminate or minimize the adverse environmental effects and risks.

Driving Policy

We recognize and respect the importance of the safe driving. To prevent the accident or incidents we strictly adhere to the Driving & Vehicle Safety Rules requirements including the Driver Qualification and Certification, speed limits and Safe distance, ban on cellular phones use even with a hands-free set and driving a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or any drugs or narcotics.